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Welcome to Patriotpunks.com

Our goal is to offer you a chance to purchase Incense with Bitcoin.  We realize that not everyone will open a Coinbase account or buy their own Bitcoin Mining hardware and pay for the electricity and maintenance costs of their own rigs.  In fact, the concept of Cloud Mining was created by groups of people who wanted to pool their resources at levels far beyond what even the largest shared pools could offer.

This website will help you choose your own path.  If you want to buy hardware, we will tell you what we use and offer it for sale at discounted rates.  Have your own hardware and want to join some cool folks who share 100% of the btc that their pool earns?  We have the place for you! (also coming very soon!) (I get it so what are you ready to offer now?!?) Heard of  Cloud Mining but didn’t know how or where to start? Try our CLOUD MINING OFFERS.

Dude…slow down, I’m just here to BUY INCENSE.  Ok, Sorry, Click here.

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Patriotpunks.com accepts Bitcoin and Paypal payments only. Please visit our Amazon Store or IntenseIncense.com for other options.